20 Apps for a Smartphone Boost

20 Apps for a Smartphone Boost

Looking for an upgrade that will make your smartphone or smartwatch shine? There are handy applications from the app stores to help you do just that. Here are 20 options that will enhance your phone’s capabilities.

Looking for an upgrade that will make your smartphone or smartwatch shine? There are handy applications from the app stores to help you do just that…

Here are 20 options that will enhance your phone’s capabilities.

1. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a game changer for those who rely on taking verbal notes. With features such as tap recording and cloud storage, this memo app takes your phone’s note capabilities to the next level.

2. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is an application that does not require its users to communicate solely with people on its social network. The chat functions are comparable to competing smartphone messengers without the same limitations.

3. Google Duo

This smooth and fast application makes video chat a breeze. It even offers an audio option for times of slow connection speed.

4. Citymapper

This application provides guidance and maps for various public transit routes. It works for numerous cities throughout the world.

5. Dark Sky

Tired of the basic information that your weather app provides? Dark Sky pinpoints predictions down to the very point your phone is located at and even forecasts snow and rain within one hour.

6. Clue

Female techies will rejoice at this smartphone period tracker. This is a great choice for health and fertility purposes.

7. Waze

If you expect more from your GPS app, look no further than Waze. Find up-to-the-minute traffic updates from commuters like you and let Waze help you figure out the perfect time to head out on the road.

8. Microsoft Outlook

This seamless app brings the best features of the desktop version to your phone. Email, file management and planning are all made possible with Outlook.

9. Sleep Cycle

Looking for the gentlest alarm for your device? Sleep Cycle uses information from your smartphone to wake you up during your lightest phase of sleep.

10. Dashlane

Who wants to deal with those complicated passwords that have to be set on every online account? Dashlane can do the hard work for you. It assists you in creating, encrypting and remembering passwords on your gadget.

11. VSCO

Are you a shutterbug? If so, you will love VSCO. Taking, enhancing and sharing your photos are all made easier than ever before.

12. Magisto

Videographers will appreciate the features that Magisto offers. Most editing is automated within the application, and sharing to social networks from your smartphone is simple.

13. Todoist

Whether you want to plan your Master’s thesis or write down your grocery list, Todoist is up to the task. Its integration with Amazon’s Alexa makes it an even more flexible option for to-dos.

14. Quip

Whether you are looking for simple note-taking features or want to collaborate on a work document, this app should do the trick. Spreadsheet management and chat conversations are two of Quip’s many doc-related features.

15. PCalc

If your device’s calculator is not meeting your expectations, PCalc may be for you. It has enhanced mathematical features and even integrates well with your smartphone and smartwatch.

16. Pocket Casts

Are you a podcast lover in search of an app that offers you numerous choices to listen to on your phone? Pocket Casts is for you.

17. Pacer

If you are like some phone users, you may want to utilize your device’s technical abilities to evaluate your daily steps rather than invest in a fitness band. Pacer will help you to do just that. It also integrates with other fitness services.

18. Grammarly Keyboard

If you like Grammarly’s desktop features, you will love its mobile keyboard. You will quickly find that embarrassing grammatical errors on your smartphone are a thing of the past.

19. Google Photos

Digital photos can quickly overwhelm even the most organized of photo takers. With top-notch search features, unlimited cloud storage for photos and simple editing features, Google Photos makes your digital storage worries a thing of the past.


This application links your devices and applications so they work together without much hassle. You can even connect it to your smart home devices to make organization easier than ever before.

App stores can be exciting to browse when you know what applications will really help you manage your time and your life. The best apps, like the 20 mentioned above, turn your already amazing smartwatch or smartphone into something even more incredible. Research the app options above and pick out a few to make your smart device the tool you have always dreamed of.

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