Top Hair Curlers

Top Hair Curlers

Looking to add some curls to your hair? A variety of modern options make it easy to curl your hair and create a range of styles from beachy waves to tight, frizz-free curls. After deciding on the curling iron style you want, such as a clamp-free or wide-barrel option, you also need to consider the iron construction. Many curlers now feature materials and a construction process focused on protecting your hair from heat damage and creating smooth, glossy curls or waves. It is possible to grab a discount on curlers year-round at drugstores and other retailers. However, the holiday season and special store-specific discount periods often bring out the biggest cost reductions. Read on to learn more.

Chi produces some of the most popular flat irons and hair care devices of recent years. The Chi One-inch Volcanic Lava Ceramic Pro Spin and Curl helps keep some of the guesswork out of setting your hair. If you are new to hairstyling or feel you do not have the dexterity to curl your hair from front-to-back, this device helps simplify styling. Available for $129.99 at Ulta, you simply place your hair inside the jaws of the Volcanic Lava iron and press the button. It wraps your hair around, holds it for a set amount of time and notifies you when your hair is ready for release with a beeping alarm. Repeat the process around your head for more traditional, full curls.

T3 is another mega haircare brand, and the Twirl 360 for $230 through the T3 Micro website is a clever entry in the curling iron market. It features a 1-1/4 inch barrel and unique motion-sensing technology with an auto-rotation to help you style your hair. Consider it a bridge between a traditional curler and the all-out automation of the Chi Volcanic Lava. The Twirl 360 uses a clamp. After you set and secure your hair, give it a slight twist and the iron barrel rotates to gather up the length of your hair. The roll-up speed is adjustable. You can leave your hair in the clamp for as long as desired. For gals with long tresses, the self-rotating feature and the ability to amp up the speed is a real benefit.

The Revlon Pro Collection Soft Feel Curling Iron with a 1-1/4 inch barrel is $14.39 at Target and a perfect bargain entry. It features traditional design with a slightly wider barrel for creating looser waves. With a soft grip, insulated tip and a tourmaline ceramic coating to minimize damage to hair, it is a good starter option and an iron perfect for casual users. It shuts off automatically for safety. The highest temperature setting reaches 425-degrees and is perfect for creating long-term curls.

When you want to curl your hair without any type of clamping action, the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand for $199 at Sephora is a barrel-only option. To achieve a curl, you wrap your hair around the barrel by hand. This action makes the Curve best for those with experience curling and a bit of dexterity. If you can commit to the style, the lack of a clamp helps minimize hair damage and the potential for breakage.

On the ultra-classic front, the Paul Mitchell Express Gold Curling Iron with a 3/4-inch barrel sells for $60 at JCP. It features an insulated thumb grip, an elongated insulated tip and auto shut off features for safety. The temperature dial can be locked to prevent accidental temperature adjustments to a higher setting. It maxes out at 430-degrees, making it perfect for setting a variety of styles in even hard-to-manage hair. Its gold detailing lends a sleek edge to its traditional profile.

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