Tickets to Games

Tickets to Games

From exciting opening day to the exhilarating playoffs and every game in-between, if you want tickets to most major sporting events, you could be facing steep costs if you do not do your homework. However, if you want to make it to the big game without burning a hole in your pocket, you must consider all ticket purchasing options. As a buyer, there are three factors: price, availability, and seat location. Luckily, ticket marketplaces have emerged that allow you to buy and sell seats at a competitive price. From online apps to in-person exchanges, if you conduct your research then you can find good seats at an affordable price. Continue reading to learn more about where to buy tickets and find the best deals in the marketplace.

Operating since 1976, Ticketmaster has transitioned from being an in-person marketplace to an online community. As a result, they are the top companies in the world with regards to ticket distribution. When fans think of online marketplaces, they rarely consider Craigslist which is a forum for all types of products and services, including tickets. In general, Craigslist sellers do not mark up the tickets as much as other sites and there are no high transfer fees. Aside from Ticketmaster, StubHub is one of the most well-known ticket exchanges with a focus on the secondary market after the game is sold out. StubHub's system is secure and well-organized, and the company has formal relationships with all major sports organizations in the United States and Canada.

To find the best deals on tickets, SeatGeek is leading the charge. SeatGeek is an online ticket search engine that scans hundreds of ticket-resale sites and outputs the best options. Like StubHub, SeatGeek features a clickable seating chart with each ticket's location in the stadium and the price. ScoreBig is a newer site that ranks seating areas from one-to-six stars and displays the average discount in each section. The site is auction-style, so buyers choose a seating area and enter their maximum bid for the ticket. ScoreBig claims that customers can save up to 60-percent off the box office price. Featuring hundreds of ticket auctions that offer the potential to find bargains, and the buy-it-now listings, eBay is an excellent source of sports tickets. You just need to be patient and actively bid on ticket auctions.

The days of trekking down to or calling the box office to purchase physical tickets are over. While these still are options, there are many more efficient purchasing choices available. The most popular option is to purchase through a ticket marketplace app. This option ensures that you will not lose or forget the tickets (unless you forget your phone). In addition to the convenience of not having to go down to the box office to pick up tickets, you can store them on the app for easy access and even download them to your Apple Wallet. Another option is to use the same online marketplaces and simply print the tickets at home and bring them to the stadium. An additional choice is to book online or through the app and pick them up at will call at the stadium, that way you have physical tickets without having to transport them from home to the venue.

To purchase tickets to a sporting event through an app or website, simply create a new account with the marketplace of choice using a valid credit or debit card, select the seats for the game you wish to attend and purchase. Seat prices will vary based on the closeness to the event and if there is an obstruction. Some of the apps include the applicable fees and others do not. Therefore, you should adjust the settings to ensure the fees are included so you have the final price without taxes. The tickets will then be available in an electronic format that will be scanned by the venue upon entrance. Another option includes printing up the electronic tickets or picking them up at the venue on the day of the event.

In general, there are not a tremendous number of promotions on ticket marketplace sites with specific teams offering deals for upcoming events. In November 2019, VividSeats is offering up to $100 off ticket purchases sitewide with new customers receiving up to $150 off tickets, and up to $200 off any NBA ticket, no promotional codes required. Also, VividSeats has a 1% cashback reward for online purchases across the entire site. Ticketmaster is offering two-for-one tickets to select events using an exclusive promo code on their website. SeatGeek currently has another promo code which gives all new users $10 off their first purchase through the website or app of $150 or more. SeatGeek is also offering $10 off to existing users who invite a friend to use the service for the first time. Once used, the referee will have a $10 credit added to their account.

Purchasing tickets online has revolutionized the ticket industry with specific sports teams cross-promoting tickets with online marketplaces. With a little research, you can find the best deals on tickets to your favorite events!

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