The Best Self-Tanners

The Best Self-Tanners

Looking for the perfect tan? Don't go roasting yourself in the sun or tanning booth. Try the best self-tanning products on the market! By now everyone knows the harmful effects of UV rays and how they can lead to skin cancer and even speed the aging process, so sitting out in a lounger, facing the sun is just tempting fate. With self-tanners, you don't have to worry about the harmful effects of the sun just to get the perfect skin tone you are looking for. Self-tanners are applied to the skin to achieve a natural-looking tan without risk. The top self-tanners deliver an even tone that looks real with lasting results and feature a non-toxic formula that won't harm your skin. If you are looking for self-tanners, including the very best organic options, read on to learn more.

If you are looking for the most affordable option that does the trick, Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse from Jergens is a decent choice and is available at most drugstores. It provides a realistic tan that deepens within hours. When applying, the tinted formula makes it apparent which areas you've already covered. Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse is available in a variety of tones to fit any desired look. Get a single 6oz bottle for around $10.

However, when it comes to self-tanners, natural is better. Organic self-tanners like the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water, available at Sephora for $28, are your best bet. Like other tanners, it comes in a variety of colors. The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water uses organic tanning actives and an exclusive Oxy Glow complex that is clinically-proven to brighten skin. Infused with avocado, chia seed, and coconut oil, this self-tanner uses natural ingredients to achieve a natural glow. It also reduces redness and doesn't produce the orange tone that plagues most tanners. It's also cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Designed for fair skin, the Coola Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist provides a natural radiance and a wonderful pina-coco scent that really make it stand out from other formulas. It's also fast-drying, so you are ready to head out the door in no time. It won't produce any streaks and won't transfer to your furniture. Results last for up to three days. Like the Isle of Paradise self-tanner, the Coola Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist is vegan-friendly, as well as Eco-certified cosmos organic. Get it at Amazon or Sephora for around $46 per bottle.

A cheaper option, the Bahama Tan Sunless Tanner, for $24 on Amazon, is ideal for acne-prone skin. It is non-comedogenic and features a vegan formula with DHA derived from sugar beets. Additionally, the formula features no GMOs and uses food-grade preservatives. The Bahama Tan Sunless Tanner delivers long-lasting natural-looking results and no streaks.

Like Coola, the Beauty by Earth Self Tanner, for $30 on Amazon, is designed for fair, sensitive skin. It won't make your skin too dark or too orange, producing a natural tone that works for you. It is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The formula features organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and Japanese green tea. Like the other options on our list, it doesn't leave streaks. Results can last for days.

Last but not least is Kora Organics Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion, available for $48 on Goop. Similar to the Bahama Tan Sunless Tanner, the Kora Organics formula uses DHA to provide natural bronzing. It will help you achieve a gradual tan and also repair existing sun damage thanks to the addition of rosehip oil. Noni extract from Australia nourishes the skin. The formula is also scented with subtle hints of rose and lavender. 

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