Social Worker Degree Programs

Social Worker Degree Programs

Social work is a field of study characterized by helping others. Many people who choose to get a degree in social work end up helping people in poverty, domestic violence situations and foster care or adoption cases. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment within the social work field is expected to grow 12% from 2014 to 2024 -- so now is a great time to get a social work degree. But a quick search for social work degrees you can earn online can yield hundreds of results. So how do you choose a great social work degree program online that'll teach you everything you need to know to succeed in your chosen field? Read on to discover all about the top three social work degree programs offered online.

Walden University's online Master of Social Work program prepares students to begin or advance their social work career. This program's unique courses train students to improve the quality of life for at-risk individuals, families and groups. Each student in the program will leverage written case studies, award-winning customized video case studies, in-person residencies and field experience to gain real-world learning. Walden University's online Master of Social Work program also allows students to network with expert faculty and a diverse group of fellow students as academic skills are honed and professional goals are attained. Graduates of Walden University's online Master of Social Work program can advance their career in a variety of clinical settings, in roles such as licensed clinical social workers, policy analysts, program directors, school social workers and supervisors in a social work field or agency.

Boston University's School of Social Work is committed to education that furthers social and economic justice. The program incorporates these ideals into all of its programs and activities. This School of Social Work is led by nationally-recognized faculty members who are fully committed scholars, researchers and leaders in strengthening communities. The program's aim is to educate professional social workers who will become leaders in a complex, diverse and multicultural society. Graduates of Boston University's School of Social Work will possess the knowledge and skills required to address the needs and potentials of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. This online Master of Social Work program is designed especially for professionals with work and/or family responsibilities. Students take the required and elective courses online, attend live classroom sessions held on Sunday or Monday nights and then complete field internships in or near their geographic area.

The Indiana Wesleyan University Master of Social Work program is an online course of study that offers a personal, professional and innovative experience for all students who want to practice social work at the advanced clinical level. This program provides a biblical perspective on social, economic and environmental justice and the intrinsic worth of all people. Its mission is to prepare social work students for advanced clinical social work practice and provide opportunities for students to become people who change the world with their desire to be of service to fellow human beings. The goals of the Indiana Wesleyan University Master of Social Work program are to prepare culturally competent students for advanced level social work practice and to provide opportunities for the integration of Christian principles within the context of professional social work values and ethics.

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