The Best Skin Creams

The Best Skin Creams

Moisturizing your skin is part of an everyday beauty routine whether your skin is oily, dry or somewhere in-between. There are hundreds and hundreds of brands on the market all touting to make your skin look and feel your best. Famous celebrities, healthy athletes and gorgeous models endorse them promising that we, too will shine as bright as them if we use the same skin creams as they do. It can be mind-boggling and difficult to actually know the scientific facts from the well-rehearsed advertising. We found three awesome and affordable everyday skin creams to consider for your daily beauty routine.

Olay is a skincare brand that is famous for there anti-aging, nourishing skin care. They are known for scientific studies and research and are recognized as a leader in the beauty industry. Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer ($17.99) is an everyday skin cream that is full of anti-aging ingredients, sun protection, and long-lasting moisturizers. This fragrance-free formulation, perfect for sensitive skin, features a silky feel that seems to melt into the skin without feeling greasy. Olay Total Effects also helps to prevent and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Keep in mind that this product only has SPF 15, and experts recommend SPF 30, so an additional sunscreen may be needed.

Another effective skin cream ideal for normal to oily skin, that won't blow your budget is CreaVe PM Moisturizing Facial Lotion ($22.78). Even though this product is marketed as a night cream because it works to protect the skin barrier, its rich texture is perfect as an everyday moisturizer. Packed into this fragrance-free, oil-free and hypoallergenic formulation is gentle and effective skin nourishing and calming ingredients including ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. Its light gel-like appearance is far from greasy or sticky and absorbs immediately into the skin leaving a perfect canvas for foundation and makeup. CreaVe PM uses patented control release technology that helps replenish ceramides and maintain long-lasting moisture. CeraVe PM doesn't include any SPF, but their AM formulation does, an important thing to consider.

This moisturizer is a bit more expensive but it worth its weight in scientific gold. Agelyss Hydrating Moisturizer ($49.00) offers an intensive patented formulation backed by clinical science and doesn't include any parabens, hormones or artificial fragrances. Each patented ingredient works together to restore the skin's pH balance and boost the skin's hydration with nourishment. It is perfect for all skin types so it doesn't matter if your skin is dry, oily or a combination of both. It claims to scientifically penetrate the dermal layers to jump-start collagen production that slows down as we age. It plumps, smoothes increases elasticity and fights the aging process. Agelyss includes five scientifically proven patented ingredients to repair damaged skin, target fine lines and restore cell and enhance collagen production. The patented cream boots long term moisturizer and nourishes to promote cell turnover to improve the look, feel and texture of the skin while protecting against free radical damage. Agelyss comes with a 365-day money 100 % money back guarantee, signifying the brand's confidence in the product.

Science, testimonials and research are all great ways to find the perfect skin cream. Manufacturers websites usually include helpful customer feedback that reinforces their advertising claims. The best way to find a skin care product is to try it and base your decision on your personal results. The bottom line is using a daily skin cream should be a part of your daily beauty routine so start using one today.

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