The Best Shaving Razor Blades

The Best Shaving Razor Blades

Shaving razor blades need to remove facial hair without irritating sensitive skin. This sounds like a simple task, but men from all stages and walks of life can attest that getting a good shave is more complicated than it looks. There are shelves of products that insist that they offer the best shave, all for affordable prices. These products range from shaving creams and butters and disposable razors to high-end cartridges and electric shavers. These products offer efficiency and convenience along with the closest shave possible. Three popular companies that offer shaving razor blades include Braun, Dorco, and Dollar Shave Club.

Known for “The Art of Shaving,” Braun provides a wide range of products for the sophisticated and particular shaver. Braun offers straight razors, safety razors, 3-blade razors, 5-blade razors, electric shavers, blades, and razor stands. The razors range in cost from $50 to upwards of $200, and come in a variety of elegant and durable finishes. Braun electric shavers include beard trimmers, replacement heads, and rechargeable shaving systems. For men who are not sure which products to choose, Braun also offers a simple shave consultation. Questions include the kind of facial hair that needs to be shaved, how many times a man shaves during the week, whether shaving takes place before or after a shower, and skin type. Along with different types of shavers, Braun provides a selection of pre-shave oils, shaving creams, and after-shave balms in a variety of scents.

Dorco offers a range of exceptional shaving products for up to 75% less than they can be found in retail stores. Dorco specializes in disposable shaving products for both men and women. Customers can choose from a variety of products, including one shaving handle with two cartridges for less than five dollars. There is a trial pack, which comes with a handle and a variety of cartridges for men to try out. Dorco has even put together gift and combo sets, which includes shave handles, cartridges, and shaving creams and oils for a more comfortable shave. To make their products even more convenient and affordable, all orders ship for only $1.99.

Dollar Shave Club is the ideal way for men to keep clean and close shaves without having to give it another thought. The Dollar Shave Club offers an initial starter set, which includes the 6-blade razor, shaving butter, and cartridges. This company then ships replacement cartridges on each customer’s schedule, as often as every month. Cartridges cost between $3 and $9 a month, which is far less than buying them in retail stores. There are no membership costs, long-term commitments, or penalties for canceling. Dollar Shave Club also offers a money-back guarantee for shavers who are unhappy with their purchases. However, there are many products for shavers to choose from; if the $3 option doesn't work, it might be worth trying the more expensive - $9 - six-blade shave cartridge for a closer, more comfortable experience.

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