Search Online Dating

Search Online Dating

Online dating is taking the world by storm and has been for many years. Online dating is a way for people to become acquainted with one another without leaving the comfort of their homes. This dating allows people to create a profile that includes a biography and a picture of themselves. People can determine if a person is their ideal match without wasting time on dead-end dates. There are a variety of online dating sites that connect people with others from all around the globe. Read on to learn more about some of the best online dating sites you can find online.

Zoosk is an online dating site that is free to use and has premium options available that give people more features. The free version of Zoosk allows people to create a profile that includes their interests, dislikes, photos, hobbies, and their ideal date or soulmate. Free account users have profiles that are live in the Zoosk user search, but free users can only respond to messages that are sent from premium users. Zoosk offers more than one premium member offer, including a one-time payment of $149.99 that gives users premium access to the site for one year. Users who choose to pay $75.99 have access to the site with premium features for six months. Users who pay $59.99 have premium site access for three months. Users can pay $29.99 for one month of premium features on the Zoosk site.

Match is another online dating site that allows people to get to know each other before meeting in person if they choose. When users provide their zip code, Match finds other users in the same zip code and surrounding areas. When users sign up to become a Match member, they have a chance to specify their gender and the gender they are seeking. Match asks potential members to provide their email address, birth date, and first name. Match users can also specify if they are on the site to casually browse, look for a long-term relationship or if they are somewhere in between. Match offers monthly memberships that include three months, six months or 12-month intervals. Three months of Match premium costs $26.99 per month. Six months of premium Match is $23.99 per month. Users who want one year of Match will pay $20.00 per month.

OurTime is an online dating site that is geared towards retirement-age singles, singles who are at least 50 years of age. This online dating community allows users to upload photos of themselves and get to know other retired individuals or individuals who are close to retiring. OurTime has a free version and three different subscription options. There is a monthly subscription and two different six-month subscription options. A one-month subscription to OurTime is $29.99 and includes mobile access. The two six-month subscriptions include standard and best value subscriptions. The six-month standard subscription is $88.94 per year and includes mobile access. The six-month best value subscription includes message read notifications, mobile access, and message and profile highlights for $107.94 per year. Users who do not want to purchase a subscription can purchase tokens and use them for premium features when they want.

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