Samsung Galaxy A and A Plus

Samsung Galaxy A and A Plus

The Samsung Galaxy line is the premier series of Android-based phones and tablets. That's why it is so surprising that there are great deals on Galaxy A and Galaxy A Plus models (A is short for Alpha), which are still relatively new and very close in specifications and functionality to the top of the line S series, with only a few differences. The A series is a great option for those who want a newer model phone, but do not want to spend significant amounts for a top of the line model. Over the last few years since their release, the A series has remained a popular option globally, selling millions of units. Samsung has also given continued support to the line, with updates continuing through 2018, and new models expected to be released in certain markets globally even during 2019. There are plenty of places where these phones can still be purchased at great prices, so keep reading for some impressive deals.

Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy A6 for between $350 and $450 depending on the provider, while the unlocked version is $359.99. There are also financing options available to spend just a few dollars a month to own one. This large retailer seems to stock the A6 exclusively out of the many models in the line. has the Samsung Galaxy Tab A for between $127.99 and $327.99 depending on the screen size. They also seem to stock a number of cases and accessories for the A6 phone at low prices. has the unlocked version of the A7 model for between $295 and $305 depending on what version is purchased. They also have the new Galaxy A8, which includes a much better camera for $399.99. They also have the tablet version of the A7 with a seven-inch screen for $99.99. Amazon seems to have the most extensive inventory of Galaxy A series items and accessories out of any single store's online space. T-Mobile also has an offer on the Galaxy A6 where the phone can be financed for just $16 per month versus the full retail price of $400.00. These are also much more affordable than the S series models when purchased directly from T-Mobile or other carriers. lists the Galaxy A6 on their own manufacturer site for $359.99 with financing options available. This seems to be the only model in the A series they are actively selling to the major English speaking markets. Because of this limited availability, it may be important to act as soon as possible on the limited stock of A series phones that are still available. With the next set of upgrades, they may be discontinued in your local market.

If you are in the market for a new phone, the Galaxy A series is a great option that can still compete with the latest models at a much lower price. Please check out these retailers and search through some of your other favorites to find more great deals on Samsung Galaxy A phones.  

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