RV Loans: Qualify with Bad Credit

RV Loans: Qualify with Bad Credit

Want the freedom to travel anywhere? Invest in an RV and go anywhere you want in the country without blowing all your savings on hotels. While you might think RVs are a luxury you can't afford, they are surprisingly more affordable than you may realize, and you don't have to have perfect credit to finance one. A number of companies offer specialty loans for RV financing that you can use to purchase a new or used RV. Offering competitive interest rates and flexible terms, you can be the proud owner of an RV without financial strain. Best of all, it's incredibly easy to get approved for these loans, even if you have bad credit. If you are interested in owning an RV but never thought you had the credit score to pull it off, read on to learn more.

Southeast Financial is a Tennessee-based lender that offers loans for motorhomes, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and of course RVs. With Southeast Financial RV financing, you can more easily acquire your RV loan than you would financing at a dealership with better financing options too. Southeast will work with you to determine the best terms and rates with your credit score. The company offers the lowest rates, currently 4.74%, and extended terms that make paying off your loan a lot easier. And by making your payments regularly each month, you'll be able to repair your credit score in the process. Another benefit of Southeast is that while many lenders require a minimum loan of $25K, their minimum is just $15K. Additionally, they'll finance models as old as 20 years whereas most other lenders will only finance units less than 10 years old. Apply now by filling out a secure application online and get approved in as little as 3 hours or less.

My Financing USA is another great RV loan company for lendees with bad credit. My Financing USA offers multiple RV loan programs tailored to your needs. Provided you are on the path to repairing your credit, they'll approve credit scores as low as 550-for terms up to 12 years. However, things like high debt ratio, unverifiable income, multiple bankruptcies, and significant outstanding collections will disqualify you. Minimum loan amounts are just $10K with a minimum down payment of 10%. You will need to provide proof of income and fill out an online application. My Financing USA is a Norton-secured website and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

RockSolid Funding also offers RV financing solutions for those suffering from bad credit scores. Believing that everyone deserves a second chance, RockSolid will consider your application regardless of your credit score. Providing RV loans for personal or business use, RockSolid will provide lending solutions for multiple RVs with one easy payment each month. Get approved the day you apply and choose from several flexible financing options. Finance an RV or multiple RVs with no minimum or maximum amounts. Rates start from 5.99% and go up to 18.95% depending on credit. Terms are extremely flexible lasting anywhere from 36 to 240 months in length. Credit scores as low as 575 can be approved. Complete and fax your application today. Speak with a specialist by phone to learn more.

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