Where To Find Great Deals On Quality Running Shoes

Where To Find Great Deals On Quality Running Shoes

Shopping for a new pair of running shoes? Running puts a lot of stress on your feet, legs, and back. This is especially true if you are not wearing good running shoes that can help lessen the impact on sensitive joints. Trying to find good running shoes isn't always easy, but these three running shoe retailers will help you find the best possible shoes to keep you running for as long as possible. These are places where you can get not only great shoes but also better prices than at some other places. The top three running shoe retailers are Finish Line, Running Warehouse, and Road Runner Sports.

All three of these retailers offer some of the best brands such as Adidas and Nike. They also offer lesser known brands for those who prefer to base their shoe quality on a particular fit rather than pay simply for the brand. For those with certain brand name preferences, you can find the perfect shoes at the perfect price. In addition to shoes, you can also find a variety of running accessories including socks, insoles, headbands and other apparel that makes running more comfortable and helps prevent injury.


Running Warehouse offers free two-day shipping and free returns. You can opt to have a package of one to four pounds shipped overnight for $9.99. Road Runner Sports also offers free shipping. Finish Line's shipping is a bit more complicated. If your package contains only new, non-sale items and the subtotal comes to over thirty dollars, they offer free shipping. If the order includes any discounted items, either sale or discontinued, there is a flat rate shipping charge of seven dollars. Some of their premium shoes are not included in either deal.


Finish Line offers returns up to 45 days. You only need to go online and pick the item you wish to return from your purchase history. You then receive a return label to print out and return your item free. Running Warehouse offers a full 90-day money back guarantee and will give you a return label to use for free shipping. Road Runner will refund any returns on new items within sixty days. For exchanges, VIP members can exchange new or used footwear within ninety days. For those who are not members, the exchange on new or used footwear is within forty days.

Road Runner VIP program

Road Runner offers a program that normally costs $28.99 a year, although they often run specials that allow new members to get their first year as low as $1.99. VIP members get access to deals not available to the general public. They also get a guarantee that they will get the best price anywhere in the country on a certain pair of shoes, a ten percent discount on all items at all times, a full ninety days to try shoes, socks, and insoles and a guaranteed return if they aren't what you want.

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