Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking

Ready to kick the habit? Quitting smoking can be incredibly difficult without the support and right aids to help you stop for good. There are tons of fantastic products out there today that can help you quit smoking and can help you regain control of your life. Knowing a bit about some of the solutions may help you decide what product is going to work best for you and what product is truly going to make a life-changing difference. Smoking is undoubtedly addictive, but it doesn't have to define you. Here are the best products for quitting smoking so you can live a longer, healthier life.

The first most common type of stop smoking product is the patch. These are patches that are infused with nicotine that slowly releases into the bloodstream. The idea is that through the slow release of nicotine in the blood, you can stop your desire to smoke. These patches are often part of a regimen that lasts for a few months and that helps you to stop smoking as gently as possible. These patches are wonderful for those that want to gradually stop smoking. As the regimen goes on, the amount of nicotine in the patch is gradually decreased until eventually there is no nicotine in the patch at all and you are free of smoking. A popular brand is the NicoDerm CQ brand and each step of the process is about $40 per box.

Another great alternative are nicotine gums. These gums work on somewhat of the same principle as the patches but they are more of an as-needed product. Instead of applying a patch that you wear, you instead chew a piece of gum that has been infused with nicotine when you are craving a cigarette. The nicotine then goes into the bloodstream and is supposed to stop your desire to smoke. This is a good alternative to patches and is good for those that may also be following a patch regimen and simply need something that is going to help tide them over a bit more. A popular brand of the stop smoking gum you may consider is Nicorette which retails for about $40 a box but does vary depending on what level of the gum you choose. By level, this means the concentration of nicotine in the gum itself. There are a few different brands of nicotine gum including Nicorette, Zonic and many stores have their own store brands like Equate for Walmart and even a Walgreens' brand.

Another alternative to gum and patches is of course to go the prescription medication route. Prescription medication that works to help you quit smoking is going to work to interfere with the receptors in the brain that make you crave nicotine. These are going to be a daily drug that helps to block these receptors until you can go without smoking on your own. A popular medication that is prescribed to stop smoking is Chantix. This medication will vary in price depending on what your particular insurance covers and if the medication is covered at all on your plan. This type of medication has a very high success rate and can help you stop smoking for good.

It is always beneficial for people that feel they need help to quit smoking to take the time to find the therapy that is going to work best for them. What might work for one person does not necessarily mean it is going to work for another. Take the time to find the right solution for you if you want true success.

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