Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

For those suffering from respiratory conditions, oxygen concentrators are the only way to maintain a normal life. Purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator will allow you to live a more active lifestyle and get out of the house more often without worry. A portable oxygen concentrator makes traveling and doing some basic errands and having outdoor family fun a possibility. But for your peace of mind, you want to make sure the oxygen concentrator is durable and easy to use, as well as lightweight and effective - not just effective enough for a portable model. With prices running anywhere from $300 to $4,000, you'll have a range of options to choose from. Read on to learn more.

The Inogen One G4 takes the lead being one with the best warranty because it holds a rare lifetime warranty. Additionally, it may be covered by Medicare Part B. If not, there is a reasonable payment plan. Inogen makes several kinds of portable oxygen concentrators that are lightweight and easy to move about. They are designed for an active lifestyle. They are perfect for use outdoors. Inogen POCs have a range from $2,295 to $3,465. The Inogen One G4 has some wonderful advantages: it only weighs a scant 2.8 pounds, there are computer laptops that are large than the Inogen One G4 which at 7.2 inches by 5.91 inches by 2.68 inches is almost miniscule. It has a varied flow setting and a battery life of 2.7 hours if one battery and up to 5 hours with two batteries.

The SageTech (TM) Portable Oxygen Bar with Tube Air Flow hits this list because of its price. At $265.00, it is price friendly and makes it possible for more people. It has a concentration of 29% for standard atmospheric pressure. It's has a decent power consumption with two kinds of voltage available: AC 100-240V / 50-60HZ or DC 12-15V Battery Duration. It has a time last of 50-70 minutes with a full charge. Although the time is about an hour shorter than most models, again, it's the price that makes this a winner.

The next is GJCrafts HouseHold Server Portable Oxygen Bar Machine makes the list because it says, easy, easy, easy. It has rich oxygen achievement and the low noise level. It's is easy to carry and can even be used in car with its car adapter. It has a comfortable hand grip that makes it easy to carry. It has a simplified control system under the control of only 1 knob making it easy. The standard charge is for 2 hours, however, you can connect the charger for unlimited time. It weighs 4.4 lb.

When looking at a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, you need to focus on element for you need to look at the size and weight, durability, battery life, car charger, and the ability to plug into a wall outlet for unlimited use. With that said, check out these models and find one that suits your needs.

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