Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Phone Systems for Small Businesses

The days of the rotary or even the single-function telephone handling all of your business calls have passed. Now, phones have many different functions and can handle multiple tasks. Purchasing a telephone system for your small business that can do many things that will spare you from having to spend money elsewhere. There are many different types of telephone systems for small businesses. Each system has different functionality so you need to be aware of what the phone can do before you buy it. At the same time, you must weigh the functionality versus the cost to see if you are getting your money's worth on the phone system. Nowadays, being able to control the phone system online is an important feature that helps automate your phone system. In addition, options beyond simple voice calling are what defines a useful small business telephone system. Read on for more information about these systems.

8x8 is a reliable option that can give you extensive service without breaking the bank. The cost is between $25 and $55 per month for each user depending on the amount of features that are selected. The more different users there are, the more your business can save per user. 8x8 also sells IP phones so if you buy your equipment from them, it comes loaded already with the features that you need with no further work required. Much of the functionality can be managed through an online portal including messaging, billing and call groups. Employees can access the portal through any computer with an internet connection, allowing them to check their messages from home. 8x8 is known for its reliability, and it offers technical support to help users, including free assistance when the phones are being installed.

Ooma gives small businesses large business functionality. The phone system is designed to be easy to install so users can do it on their own without needing IT help. This also means that new users can be added without too much additional hassle. After a one-time fee of $200 at installation, the service cost $19.99 per user per month. This price includes access to an online portal, which is remarkable given how inexpensive Ooma is. There is also an automated attendant and call forwarding. There are also virtual receptionist options and virtual extensions available for employees who may be working remotely.

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that allows businesses to conduct their operations entirely from their mobile phones. In other words, your cell phone can become your business phone. You can get started by transferring your number to Grasshopper for a one-time $30 fee. There are pricing options available between $24 and $89. The high option gives you up to five business lines. Grasshopper does only offer a virtual system and there is no compatibility with a traditional phone system. Grasshopper is known for its extensive customer support. The system also features a call forwarding option where, if one user does not answer, the call is forwarded to successive users based on a pre-programmed call tree. There is another option for one incoming call to make of your numbers ring simultaneously.

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