No Contract Cell Phone Plans

No Contract Cell Phone Plans

Mobile users often want to have the freedom not to be tethered to a specific carrier for various reasons. For example, they may not have a steady need for a certain amount of usage and want the ability to switch between plans depending on their needs. Additionally, they may want to be able to move between different plans to take advantage of different deals as they are able. The good news for these mobile users is that there are many plans that do not require you to sign a contract. This gives users the maximum amount of flexibility that comes from not making a commitment. When you sign a contract, you are locked in for the duration of the contract, and companies do not hesitate to use any means at their disposal to enforce these obligations. Read on for more information about no contract cell phone plans.

Cricket Wireless offers one of the most extensive no-contract plans out there. There are different amounts of data and usage available with their plans. For example, customers can receive unlimited talk and texting plus 12 GB of high-speed data for $55 per month. Cricket gives further discounts to customers who put their accounts on auto-pay. A family of four can sign up for Cricket for $110 for the entire family and each family member can have their own line. Cricket also gives those who sign up for their service discounts on a wide variety of phones. The network is reliable since Cricket runs off of AT&T's network. There are cheaper options available for customers who do not require as much data. Unlimited talk and text with no data costs $25 per month through Cricket.

Boost Mobile also features a variety of different no-contract plans to fit many different budgets and needs. Most Boost plans features some sort of permutation of unlimited data. There are unlimited data plans that start at $50 per month. Boost offers additional options that add certain allows users better ability to stream video and download music. Higher-priced plans also give customers more data from WiFi hotspots. A family of four can all receive unlimited talk, text and data for $120. Boost Mobile is reliable since it runs over the Sprint network. There is a cheaper plan that gives users talk and text and 3 GB of data for $35 per month. This plan can be cancelled at any time without any penalty.

Virgin Mobile offers talk and text with a decent amount of data for $35 per month. This plan offers 5 GB of data for this price. This beats some of the other no-contract plans with the amount of data that you can get for this price. For an additional $10 per month, users can receive an additional 5 GB of data, and unlimited data costs $60 per month. In this case, unlimited truly means unlimited since there is no data throttling. Virgin Mobile gives its users access to a variety of special benefits that include discounts on various other products and services. This includes price savings at Virgin Hotels. Virgin Mobile offers a large number of compatible phones that give users price savings. They also allow customer to add international phone plans to their package. Virgin Mobile runs over the Sprint network.

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