Shopping for Hot Tubs

Shopping for Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have many health and wellness benefits that refresh and rejuvenate the body. They promote relaxation, relieve stress, boost the immune system and help with painful muscles and joints. These are just a few reasons people love their hot tubs and why more and more people are adding hot tubs to their homes. There are many brands on the market some costing as low as $300 for inflatable models up to $20,000 for customized spas. Here are some of the best hot tub brands and their top models.

Jacuzzi is easily one of the most recognizable brands. Opening in 1915, they are considered the oldest and one of the best manufacturers of high-performance hot tubs in America and for good reason. They are an industry leader with a rich heritage of innovation and quality in portable hot tubs and home spas. One of their top models, the J-470 is a spa that seats six adults, features positional water jets and adjustable pillow seats. There are even colored lights that resemble waterfalls that add to the relaxing experience.

HotSpring located in Iowa that has been in business since 1968. Their claim to fame is they design spas based on how the customer plans to use them. Their Highlife and Limelight collections feature impressive powerful water jets and a convenient, easy to use filtration system. Their patented ComfortControl system offers fully customizable jets, offering the option to change the power of individual jets instead of them all having the same strength throughout.

Bullfrog Spas started in 1996 and offers some of the most impressive home spas on the market. Their top model features an amazing 177 water jets that focus on delivering relief to feet, wrists, hips, and legs. Bullfrog is known for their patented JetPak Therapy system featuring modular seating that delivers up to 16 JetPaks fully customizing a spa experience like no other spa on the market. In addition, this spa incorporates LED light framework and an optional sound system that incorporates speakers and Bluetooth capability.

Caldera who has produced beautiful, quality hot tubs since 2004 is one of the best California-based companies. Their warm water massage therapy is known to accelerate overworked, tired muscles and reduces stress and anxiety levels. They offer hot tubs that seat up to seven people at the same time. Their three series, the Utopia, the Vacanza, and the Paradise are designed as beautifully as they are functional. They are known as the go-to for those who enjoy entertaining due to their luxurious design, the number of massage jets, and mood lighting features.

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