Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub Covers

Commonly considered a luxury, a hot tub is an amazing luxury that can serve more than a few purposes, including relaxation and therapeutic, but when the hot tub is not in use it is best to keep it covered with one of many different hot tub covers. It is ultimately up to you, the consumer, to decide for yourself what option is best for your needs. Before buying a hot tub cover, look up your hot tub's make and model to find the right fit. Here are some of the best hot tub cover options to get you started.

The 6" BeyondNice hot tub cover costs just a bit over $400. This is not only the top choice due to its availability in numerous colors but also due to its thick design. Additionally, this cover will keep any hot tub properly insolated during the coldest time(s) of the year so it's ready to go at the perfect time. Other common features of the BeyondNice hot tub cover is that availability is extended between circular and square hot tub options. User safety is also at the top of the BeyondNice brand name as it pertains to water logging and other dangers involved in the use of hot tub covers. Furthermore, should any problems arise with this hot tub cover there is a 5-year warranty that comes with the purchase. While this hot tub cover does get dirty easily it is also sturdy and, as such, this is considered a high-quality product.

The ABC Spa Cover Roller costs roughly $60 and works great if you are on a limited budget. The ABC Spa Cover Roller is not only easy to install but just as easy to use. Moreover, this particular spa cover roller is a pretty good design despite a slight lack of overall durability. While setup is easy thanks to the included roller machine used to cover the hot tub opening and covering is an initial three-step process that includes flipping the cover into position. Although warranty information appears to be non-existent for the ABC spa cover a manual is included in the packaging for easy reference. However, for many who enjoy the ABC Spa Cover Roller's brilliant design setup and use should be no problem, but additional manufacturer support is available should you need it.

The Cover Valet NP509 spa Cover Lift and Caddy costs just over $150. Although this hot tub cover is one of the more expensive options, it is ultimately worth it, as it is designed as a durable hot tub cover model. Furthermore, the quick and easy installation process makes Cover Valet NP509 even more of a crowd favorite. As far as some of the more common features are concerned there are a few that are noteworthy. First, the spring-loaded hinges make the cover easily adjustable for proper height and position. Additionally, the hot tub cover's measurements allow it to fit various hot tub makes and models. That said, one of the best features is that most of the required parts have already been assembled allowing for less install time and more time or what is important. Instructions are also included for additional help. 

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