Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Recover your files with hard drive recovery! When a hard drive crashes, it can happen unexpectedly. The computer is working fine and then it just stops or the computer will not boot up after shutting it down and then trying to restart it. Hopefully, if this occurs there is a recent backup of the data that can be used for recovery. In the instances where there is no backup or if the backup also fails, then the only choice is to use a hard drive recovery software tool to retrieve data from a failed drive. Hard drive recovery is possible even if the drive is not bootable and will not operate in a normal way. Use hard drive recovery software that is running on a working computer drive in order to retrieve the data from the failed drive. Another reason to use a hard drive recovery tool is if files have been deleted by accident. These missing data files may still be on the drive if they have not yet been overwritten by other files. The best top three hard drive recovery services to use are MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Wondershare Data Recovery, and Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Read on to learn more.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery has a free version and paid versions that cost $60 for personal use and $499 for business use. The free version allows recovery of up to 1 gigabyte (Gb) of data from multiple devices. There is email support to help users with the recovery process. For recovery of larger amounts of data, paying $69 allows unlimited data recovery from unlimited personal devices. The $499 service is for businesses that need to recover data from one or more Windows servers. It is possible to start with the free version to test the recovery software's effectiveness in solving a recovery problem and then upgrade to a paid version later. Besides data recovery, MiniTool has useful features that include online file storage, automatic backups, drive memory partitioning, and mobile data recovery.

Wondershare Data Recovery works for both PCs and Mac computers. There is a free recovery tool called Recoverit Hard Disk Recovery Tool. There are also free software tools for recovering data on memory cards, flash USB drives, SSD cards, and SD cards. Other free tools help to repair files. These can be used to recover emails, documents, spreadsheets, and even videos. The recovery software gives a preview of the files to help make decisions about restoring them. It can recover files that were accidentally deleted recently. The paid versions cost $39.95 for recovery of many file formats on multiple devices and $59.95 for the version that includes a lifetime license for a software toolkit used to create a bootable recovery file.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery helps to recover data on PCs. There is a free trial. This can be upgraded to the consumer version for personal use for $69.99. The software is $999 for enterprise use in businesses to recover data from multiple Windows servers. The free trial allows a user to review the files that can be recovered and then paying for the software allows a person to retrieve the lost data. This company does not have a version for Mac computers; however, the Windows version recovers all the file types that Windows supports.

There is usually an expense and some extra work to recover a failed hard drive, so it is always better to make frequent backups to avoid this problem. However, all is not lost if a hard drive crashes with no backup because the results from using any of these three hard drive recovery services are usually quite good.

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