Best GPS Trackers

Best GPS Trackers

GPS is a technology that has come a long way in the past few decades. What was once only a dream is now a reality that companies and consumers alike can use to keep track of people and objects easier than they may have ever imagined. There are many types of GPS trackers used by businesses that have come to help them immensely, ensuring that things arrive on time and everyone is running on schedule. If you'd like to know more about GPS trackers and what they are capable of, read on to learn.

The first type of GPS tracker are data loggers; these are GPS units that send information back to the unit itself to log the data. A good example of this might be a GPS unit placed on a rental unit or in a car. The GPS unit is going to log data and keep it internally until it is accessed. The data logged in the unit can be accessed when the unit is accessed, and it can then be used. This type of unit is most common in passive items and is not terribly common when you are looking to track someone or something. This is better overall as a way of collecting data that is going to be accessed later rather than in real time. The Garmin Astro 450/T dog tracker is a great example of a data logger, and it costs around $400 for the system.

The next type of GPS tracker is a data pusher. This is the most common type of GPS unit and is going to be a unit that regularly pushes or puts out data at intervals. This is commonly used for asset tracking. These can be used for items like rental items, cars, and more. This is a useful type of GPS tracker if you are looking to keep tabs on an item or a person and want to make sure you know what moves are being made and where an item is as it is moving rather than when it comes back to you. These are also used in personal GPS units as well as they send out your location often to help tell you what move to make next. The Drift Box GPS Data Acquisition Meter is a good example of a data pusher GPS and costs about $700 for the system.

The last type of GPS tracker to consider is the data puller. These are GPS units that are always on, and that can be pulled or accessed at any time. These are common in cell phones when the GPS is enabled as the cell phone company or police can access the location of the GPS unit at any time because it is always on. This type of GPS does not send out locations, does not log data, but simply stays on so that data can be pulled from it at any time. A good example of this is a geotag on a photo when you post it with your phone or a geotag on a text message that is being sent as well. A great example of a data puller is any GPS that is equipped in your smartphone with the average smartphone costing around $600.

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