Foot Arthritis

Foot Arthritis

Arthritis is something that many people deal with every day in their lives. It can be mild to severe and in some cases truly debilitating. Though it might not seem like a huge issue, arthritis of the feet is a serious illness that needs serious attention. Arthritis of the foot can include the inability to walk, severe pain, deformation of the feet, inflammation, or even swelling that makes it impossible to wear shoes. It can also lead to skin rash and discomfort as well. Though it is a very serious issue to deal with, there are some fantastic treatments out there to help treat and improve foot arthritis.

The first is of course NSAIDs. These are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the joints that cause the pain and extreme discomfort that is so common with foot arthritis. These can be over the counter in medications like ibuprofen and naproxen and with the right dosage, you can control and manage the pain and inflammation that is associated with foot arthritis. This is often the first line of management and can help to keep the pain at bay and may be enough for you to help treat your foot arthritis at home on your own until it worsens. You can get both over the counter NSADs as well as prescription for higher dosages.

Another effective treatment is foot braces or bandaging feet with things like ace bandages. These can be both over the counter braces or bandages that you find at your local drugstore or they can be those that are prescribed by your doctor. These are often used in conjunction with other treatments like NSAID pain relievers or other medications. It is important to remember that braces are often not going to be enough to help treat the pain but they may help support the joints and bones of the foot to help reduce swelling, reduce pain, and make the symptoms of your arthritis more manageable.

The last effective treatment is a prescription treatment and it is cortisone shots. These are anti-inflammatory shots that are injected by a doctor directly into the joint that is affected by the arthritis. This sort of treatment is great for arthritis that has progressed and that needs more than just NSAIDs and braces. Often these are once a month treatments or less frequent that help to support the joint and help to reduce inflammation and make you more comfortable. Often times, these cortisone shots are going to be used with braces and with NSAID for daily management. Arthritis is not something that is going to go away quickly but with the proper management it can be bearable.

Arthritis is a terrible disease to have to deal with but with a good regimen you can manage the symptoms and make it possible to go about your life. With the right combination of over the counter and prescription treatments, you can feel better and can deal with the negative effects of arthritis. There is no current cure for arthritis but you can manage the symptoms and can deal with them effectively and go about your day without the pain of arthritis dictating everything that you do and everything that you feel comfortable doing as well.

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