The Top Financial Advisors

The Top Financial Advisors

Financial advisors can help people reach their goals or expand their horizons. Are you looking to make a budget, save for college expenses or build a retirement nest egg? The right advisor can evaluate your assets and help you create realistic long-term financial plans. If you're looking for a financial advisor, you'll have numerous choices just among your local options. Or, you can go with a nationwide financial advising firm -- our top three choices are Edward Jones, Vanguard and Morgan Stanley. Even if you just need advice with a single financial decision, the right financial advisor can help in a big way. Read on for more information about finding a qualified financial advisor who can help you reach your goals.

Let's start with Edward Jones, a well-known financial consulting firm with more than 14,000 advisors in the United States. Serving clients since 1922, Edward Jones can help people build up their finances and then make the best investment choices with their money. If you're not familiar with investing, your Edward Jones advisor can walk you through the basics and get you started with investments that keep you feeling comfortable. This firm is also helpful in several other aspects of financial advising such as estate planning, saving for education and building up emergency funds. The Edward Jones website makes it easy to find an advisor near you.

Next on our list is Vanguard, which is one of the nation's largest and most successful investment companies. Vanguard advisors can help you start and manage investments that can grow your savings over time. Additionally, these advisors can help with important budgeting, saving ad spending decisions. Vanguard also makes its financial advising services affordable by charging a commission based on your assets under the company's management -- meaning no additional costs from your pocket.

Morgan Stanley is the third option on our list. If you want a financial advisor and already possess impressive savings and assets, then Morgan Stanley would be a good choice. This company is more geared toward higher-income customers whose goals are more geared toward building and managing wealth. Offering advice for each stage of adult life, Morgan Stanley advisors can offer investment advice, investment solutions, estate planning help, wealth planning and more. This large financial company employs advisors nationwide, so finding the help you need is easy.

Setting financial goals can seem overwhelming, especially if you're starting out with little to no savings. Don't throw in the towel, though. Instead, contact a financial advisor and learn how you can strengthen your savings and assets.

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