The Best Custom Orthotics

The Best Custom Orthotics

Getting through the day can be stressful-mentally, sure, but especially for your feet. Custom orthotics can reduce stress on your feet as you go about your day, helping to eliminate the risk or sore, tired feet. By eliminating foot pain, you can enjoy the activities you love for longer and more easily tolerate ones you don't. Custom orthotic insoles are designed to fit the contours of your foot using an impression of your foot. It's like walking on a memory foam wherever you go. You can also find specialty insoles for everyday use and sports. The best custom orthotic insoles come from UpStep, Prolatus, and Custom Orthotics. If you are interested in custom orthotics, read on to learn more. Wearing shoes has never felt this good.

At UpStep, you can buy custom orthotic insoles for nearly any type of foot pain. A certified podiatrist will design your insole based on your foot impression and pain-relief needs. Choose custom insoles based on activity levels, whether that means you are on your feet part of the day or all day. You can also buy orthotic insoles tailored to specific sports needs including basketball, tennis, cycling and running. When choosing a custom insole, you'll need to specify where you experience pain daily, whether that's your arch, forefoot, midfoot, heel, Achilles, ankle, allover or other. If pain areas are different for each foot, you can specify that too. If you have a problem not listed on the website, a podiatrist can help determine exactly what you need. UpStep insoles are incredibly supportive and feature a durable Polypropylene shell. The multiple design options ensure they can fit in any shoe. Normally, $279, you can now get your own custom pair of orthotics for just $229. If you need them for multiple shoes, you can get two pairs for $299 and a third pair for an additional $119. Subscribe to their email list and you'll get a $20 coupon. Orders ship free come with a 100-day money back guarantee.

If you are looking for something more affordable, Protalus insoles are a great alternative. Reviewed by over 100K customers, Protalus strives for customer satisfaction, and more importantly, results. Insoles have been tested and patented so they're like nothing else on the market. Offering six different insoles, you can find the right option for your foot. The Max Series M100 is designed for wide feet and is high volume to fit larger shoes with removable insoles. The M75 is designed for sewn-in insoles. The Thin Series T100 for standard volume shoes and the T75 insoles are for removable and sewn-in insoles, respectively. For narrow dress shoes, there's the H75 for women and the ET75 for men. All insoles available at Protalus are just $79.95 and come with free shipping. If you aren't satisfied there's a 90-day money back guarantee with hassle-free returns.

Custom Orthotics is a company run and operated by retired podiatrist Dr. Brent Bowden. With over 25 years of experience in orthotic treatment, Custom Orthotics has helped countless people overcome foot pain. At custom orthotics, it's all about treating you in the best way possible. Call for a free consultation with a podiatrist and order by phone or on the website. Make an impression of your feet and send it in using a pre-paid shipping label. From there, you'll get a custom orthotics made from your foot mold. Orthotic options include the Full length orthotic for $124.99, the Full Length with Heel Post for $134.99, the Neutral Shell and Quad Layer, both for $99.95, and the Neutral Shell with Heel Post for $109.95. Custom Orthotics is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and accepts most payment methods, including PayPal. Order yours today!

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