The Best CPAP Machines

The Best CPAP Machines

If anyone suffers from sleep apnea, know that they are not alone as there are thousands of people who are diagnosed with sleep apnea and require the use of a CPAP. Prescribed CPAP machines are necessary to use for the person suffering from sleep deprivation and will help the person get a safe and good night's sleep. Some patients do not know where to start looking to purchase their CPAP machine. The following are three; five-stars rated CPAP machines along with the most current prices and where to get the best deals. Read on to find out where to get some excellent products that will help your sleep apnea.

The ResMed AirSense-10 AutoSet- CPAP Machine with HumidAir-Heated Humidifier is available through for $883.00. This CPAP machine auto titrates and delivers only the minimum pressure needed to maintain an open airway. This auto adjusts according to the breath by breath pressure of the patient. This brand offers a built-in humidifier, heated tube, expiratory pressure relief, automatic features, advanced data, single pressure mode if desired, ability to select auto ramp, the display screen can come in a color LCD display and light sensor. As an apnea event occurs pressure automatically and smoothly increases and when the event is over the pressure decreases. This machine makes these pressure changes much more comfortable.

The AirStart 10 CPAP machine with humidAir, Heated Humidifier is rate five-stars and on sale for $369.95 at This machine is simple and easy to use with basic features. There is a color LCD display screen in which settings are easily changed and monitored. Some patients use this as a backup machine or for travel due to its light weight of 2.75 pounds. This machine has a built-in heated humidifier with exhalation relief. This machine records compliance data and has a SIMS card. The user has the ability to adjust settings, EPR, and humidity level. The water chamber attaches to the humidifier and sits at the side of the machine, which can be warmed up before use.

The Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine is another popular machine priced at $880.00 through This popular CPAP machine has advanced features built-in, such as blue tooth connectivity, OptiStart, and SmartRamp. An optional heated humidifier is available to add heated moisture to the air. The advanced features of this machine add to the comfort and effectiveness of wearing CPAP. This machine provides a SD card which displays on a color LCD front-facing monitor after downloading. The monitor brightness is a controlled brightness. Data is also viewed via Bluetooth from the DreamMapper application. This machine has an automatic adjustment feature adjusting pressure during a breath-by-breath basis, ensuring the patient that they are receiving the pressure needed to keep the airway open. Another feature is an A-Flex pressure relief. The machine weighs less than three pounds making it convenient for travel. It is easy to set this machine by bringing up the easy to read the menu. Just lightly press the dial and turn the settings as needed. Filters slide easily into and out of the machine for easy cleaning or changing.

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