The Cat S41 Phone

The Cat S41 Phone

In terms of durability, most phones don't quite cut it. If you work in construction, mining, and other blue collar jobs, chances are you are going to need something a little tougher than an iPhone. The CAT S41 is a rugged smartphone for those who work in more hazardous environments. The CAT S41 is built to military specifications that ensure it is able to work in any environment. The CAT S41 phone is designed to keep working no matter where you are working. It is only fitting that the tough and indestructible phones are made by the leading maker of construction machinery, Caterpillar, the name synonymous with toughness. Read on for more information about the CAT S41 phone. This isn't your average smartphone!

When it comes to toughness and durability, nothing beats CAT. There is a set of military specifications known as MIL SPEC 810G. These specs require, among other things, that phones are waterproof to a certain degree, can function in extreme temperature, can survive a fall from a higher point and the screens are dust and scratch resistant. While the military itself does not certify compliance, the manufacturers will. The CAT S41 phone is compliant with these specs. It can survive in up to two meters of water for an hour. It will also keep working after being dropped six feet onto concrete. Its screen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass and is scratch resistant. It can even handle thermal shocks.

The technical features also contribute to this phone's performance. The key technical feature that makes this phone rugged is its long battery life. The phone's battery has an astonishing 5,000mAh of battery power, meaning that not only can the phone go for quite a while without a charge, but it can also be used to power other devices. You can have up to 38 hours of talk time on this phone and if it is fully charged, it can remain powered on standby for up to 44 days. The phone has all of the features that you would expect from an advanced smartphone such as 32 GB of storage and a 13 MP rear facing camera. The screen is on the smaller size at five inches, but large screens would make these phones impracticable in a demanding environment. The CAT S41 can work on all networks up to 4G.

This phone costs $449 if you buy it directly from Caterpillar or other retailers such as Best Buy, but there are some ways to save money off of the purchase price. You can proactively shop around online and find discounts from online merchants. Amazon offers deeper discounts on this phone, and you can save up to $100 when you buy this phone on Amazon. Offer Maker has perhaps the lowest price of merchants selling this phone. When you buy this phone on Offer Maker, it costs $341.75 and you do not have to pay for shipping. Sprint has just begun to offer Caterpillar phones as part of its network plans. Eventually, you may be able to save money when you purchase this particular model of Caterpillar phone from Sprint, so keep a close watch on when Sprint begins to offer the S41.

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