LG V40 Smartphone Sales

LG V40 Smartphone Sales

LG is gradually climbing up to the top of the smartphone industry where it used to be before. The new LG V40 is a confirmation that the brand has come to stay. If you are a fan of LG you will agree that all the models of LG smartphones launched recently are all topnotch with fantastic qualities. The LG V40 ThinQ is easily the most impressive phone to-date. Right now, you can purchase the new LG ThinQ at a remarkably great price, especially with deals from the top carriers in the country. Read on to learn more.

One of the best deals is the one offered by AT&T for which you can pick the phone and pay $31.67 monthly for 30 months. This will amount to a total of $950.10 paid through your monthly bill. Sprint on the other hand, offers both purchase and lease deals. You can purchase it from Sprint at $40 per month for 24 months which will amount to $960. You can also lease it from Sprint at $20 per month for 18 months before you return it. The third deal is easily the best one offered by T-Mobile. You have to pay just $20 per month for 24 months after making a down payment of $130 or pay $850 when paid in full.This is the lowest price offered from any mobile carrier.

One of the most unique features of the V40 ThinQ is it's five camera system. There are two front cameras and three rear cameras, for taking more professional quality photos. And for viewing those photos, you'll have a large, vibrant display. This smartphone has a screen size of 6.4 inches so its screen is almost as wide as a mini tablet. So, users won't have to scroll so much when going through the content of any web page or mobile app.

Its Boombox speaker also ensures you enjoy your musical tracks with or without an earpiece. The review will not be complete without mentioning that the phone is both dust and water resistant. So, if your phone accidentally drops inside water while you are taking some shots, it will remain intact. Apart from that, you could be caught up in a sudden rain with your phone in your hand. Since it is water resistant, you don't need to worry your head.

It is said to be designed according to military standards. This implies that it is very durable, rugged and it can withstand heavy usage. It weighs only 5.96 ounces so it can be moved around easily. Its 3,300mAh battery gives you up to 22 hours of talk time and a staggering 17 days of standby time. You don't have to charge it often. Only very few smartphones can offer that amount of talk time.

A display resolution of 3120 by 1440 pixels ensures stunning graphics and great clarity. It has an internal memory of 64GB so you have enough memory for all your favorite mobile apps. Despite its wonderful features, it is still super slim. Most importantly, it has a 6GB RAM. Gamers will love this. You will enjoy any game app on this phone. 6GB RAM is the real deal. The RAM ensures the phone does not slow down even if there are numerous applications running at the background. As for the operating system, the new ThinQ runs on Android 8.1, the latest Android OS.

Check out the new LG V40 ThinQ on sale now.

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