The BlackBerry KeyOne

The BlackBerry KeyOne

Get ready for the BlackBerry Key One. BlackBerrys were ubiquitous around 15 years ago, before smartphones revolutionized the way that we handle mobile communications. Since then BlackBerry has all but gone away. The company is alive and well, producing their own Android smartphones that take the best of their technology that we all know so well and combine it with smartphone technology. This is a durable phone that is almost like having a computer that can make mobile calls. For the business-minded individual, the BlackBerry Key One is a godsend. Continue reading if you are in the market for a phone and are considering the BlackBerry Key One.

The BlackBerry Key One has an actual keyboard, and it is the only major phone on the market that still does. The keyboard resembles the old BlackBerrys that nearly everyone had. For those who want the feeling of pressing down on actual keys rather than fumbling with a touchscreen keyboard, this keyboard should suit them well. The large keyboard does come at the expense of the screen size. On this model, the screen is only 4.5 inches. However, this phone is designed for business use. It would not necessarily be the phone to choose if you like using your phone predominantly for streaming media. However, if you send many emails from your phone, this is a great device.

Another great feature of the BlackBerry Key One is the long battery life. The battery has a 3505mAh cell, which is one of the largest batteries that you will find in a mobile phone. This allows for 26 hours of usage without needing a charge. It also features an ample 64 GB of storage to run many apps and functions. Another key feature of this phone is the security software which makes the BlackBerry Key One safer to use for business. BlackBerry has taken many of the Android security features and enhanced them for this phone. The company is also known for quickly delivering security patches when the need arises. BlackBerry clearly knows its market and this phone will help you build your productivity, while giving you some capacity to use this phone for entertainment purposes as well.

While this may not be the sexiest phone on the market, it definitely works well for what you need it for and comes at a discount to other flagship phones. BlackBerry has discounted the phone from its initial price that it was offered. This is one phone where, if you aggressively shop around, you will save money. Most of the major carriers do not offer this phone in conjunction with their plans, so you will have to buy it retail and bring it with you onto your plan. Amazon is one of the best places to buy the BlackBerry Key One. Currently, the phone is available on Amazon for $279 and shipping is free. This is comparable to what the phone costs at Walmart. Some specialty electronics retailers offer the phone for even cheaper and, if you shop around on eBay, you may be able to save even more.

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