Best Senior Cell Phone Plans

Best Senior Cell Phone Plans

Seniors, for whatever reason, have different mobile needs than many others. For example, seniors may not be able or want to use as much data as others. In addition, they may have more limited needs for a mobile phone and may only want it to use in case of an emergency. In any event, those that do not use as much data as others need not pay for service that they do not require. Many carriers offer dedicated plans for seniors that give them a discount under the assumption that they do not have the data-guzzling habits of the younger generation. These plans feature either straight discounts for seniors who do use data or some element of pay-as-you-go with add-ons for those who do not always need their phones. Read on for more information about the best mobile plans for seniors.

T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ offers seniors a discount on the tradition T-Mobile wireless plans. This allows seniors who do use large amounts of data to save money off of the regular prices. Customers over 55 can receive two lines with unlimited talk, text and data for $70 per month. This is cheaper than the prices offered by most of the other major carriers. Single lines are available at $50 per month. This deal is even offered if only the primary account holder is at least 55 years of age. Even existing customers can take advantage of this deal when they reach the minimum age. This plan offers unlimited usage in over 210 countries worldwide. The plan even comes with a Netflix subscription that can be used on up to two screens.

GreatCall is a different type of service for seniors who only need a mobile device as an emergency phone. This plan offers 200 minutes of voice usage per month for $14.99. There is no commitment or contract necessary. This plan does not offer text or data with the standard option. It does come with a Jitterbug phone that can be used by seniors who would otherwise have difficulty using a mobile phone. In addition, the phone can be used with optional health services that include 5Star Urgent Response and weekly wellness checks that is suitable for those seniors who live alone and may not have anyone else to check on them. Customers can add texting and data to their plans for low additional prices if they require additional services. For example, users can get 300 texts for $3 per month.

AT&T GoPhone Daily provides seniors with the ultimate in flexibility. You pay only on days where you use the phone and it is that simple. The plan costs $2 per day of usage. On days where you do not use the phone, you pay nothing. Daily usage includes unlimited talk and text for the entire day. While this plan is available to everyone, it makes sense for seniors who desire to have as much flexibility as possible. There are data add-ons available and users can also pay for the amount of data that they use. There is a daily data add-on package that is available for $1 per day. The texting features allows texting with over 100 countries. It is important to check that this plan is available in your part of the country because it is not available everywhere.

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