Finding the Best Coworking Spaces

Finding the Best Coworking Spaces

Search for the best coworking spaces! Coworking spaces allow you to enjoy the experience and benefits of working in an office when aren't required to work in one. They are the perfect place for independent contractors and work-at-home professionals to congregate and potentially collaborate. Although most workers in coworking spaces are working independently for separate companies, most of them enjoy the synergy of working alongside others, as well as the sense of companionship and community. Its also a great way to avoid distractions at home, particularly those posed by family. If you feel like you are missing out on the office experience in your work, you can readily find coworking spaces online using websites like and Many spaces cost money, but you can also find some for free. Read on to learn more about the best coworking spaces.

Spaces is the perfect place to find coworking spaces anywhere in the country. Directing you to over 250 cities, Spaces can help you find meeting rooms, office space, a coworking membership or a dedicated workstation that you share with others. Their coworking spaces are exquisitely designed work areas with desks, sofas, tables, super-fast Wi-Fi and so much more. Members will have access to any space, worldwide, during office hours of course. Additionally, Baristas are on standby for when you need another dose of caffeine. Reception and mail service is also available. Best of all, rental terms are tailored to your needs. Coworking spaces start at just $350 per month for space in New York. Try a membership for free for one day and see how you like it-your first coffee is also on them.

Servcorp, which operates mostly in the US, provides over 160 locations in 23 countries. Hot Desks start at $200 per month while Dedicated Desks start at $450 per month. Private offices can be purchased for $650 per month. With that cost, you'll get access to any of the 160 locations, two vouchers per month which can be used for meetings, print resources and assistance, as well as on-site support. Free high-speed Wi-Fi is also provided, in addition to versatile event space for launching products and presentation. Collaborate with like-minded people in-person or in an online virtual space. On top of all this, you can add a business address or a local business phone number for an extra $100 per month.

Last but not least, Coworker helps you find the ideal working space with over 12,000 options available in over 165 countries. Find spaces with desks, offices and meeting rooms. Discover what's out there and reserve your space online. Find a free female-oriented workspace at the Hera Hub Sorrento Valley location or pay for a beachside location in the US for as little as $75 (CoSPAZIO). If you want an affordable coworking space, Coworker is the place to start your search. Amenities are listed for each workspace such as Wi-Fi air-conditioning, chairs, equipment, coffee and whatever else is offered on-location. Check out Coworker online and start your search for the perfect coworking space.

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