7 Great Educational Apps Available on Android and iPhone

7 Great Educational Apps Available on Android and iPhone

While many people see their smartphone as a potential distraction from learning, there can actually be a lot of ways you can use your phone to get smarter. Educational apps can be a great way to give your brain a workout. Whether you use them to help with classes or to learn new things on your own, these apps can be a must-have addition to your phone.

1. Learn a New Language With Duolingo

While learning a new language can seem like something that requires a huge amount of commitment, Duolingo can help make it easier by allowing you to practice in small doses right from your phone. A great option for supplementing a language class in high school or college, or even for learning a language from scratch, Duolingo is free and easy to use.

2. Study With Quizlet

Flashcards are a classic way of studying material for a class, but it can be time-consuming to create them on paper. Quizlet is a great educational app that helps make studying easier by allowing you to create and practice your own flashcards online or use flashcards created by other people. By giving you fun and challenging ways to study key terms, Quizlet goes beyond a basic flashcard format to give you a more well-rounded learning experience.

3. Get Inspired by TED

TED talks are presentations that can be inspiring as well as educational. Whether you’re interested in art, science, or just in changing the way you see the world, you should be able to find a wide array of amazing TED speeches to help satisfy your learning itch. While you can find many TED talks online, the app is still a great tool to have because it allows you to browse through all the different topics in one place and makes everything more organized when you’re looking at it on a phone or tablet.

4. Compete Classwork With Google Classroom

As more and more classwork moves into an online format, google classroom can be one popular way that teachers assign work. Getting the google classroom app can make it easier to access class materials on the go. While it can be very helpful app, it is important to keep in mind that while google classroom is widely used, it may not be the platform that you need for every class. In addition to classroom, Google has a wide variety of apps that can be useful for a wide variety of educational purposes. Google docs, google slides, and google drive can all be great tools to have whether you’re a student or just someone looking to get work done on the move.

5. Keep Up With the News on Flipboard

Keeping up with the news can be an important educational experience. Whether you need current events to use for a class or you just want to stay informed about what’s happening in the world, Flipboard can be a great tool for you to use. By gathering news stories from various sources into one convenient location, Flipboard makes browsing top stories easy. Rather than spending extra time looking up multiple sources, you can create a Flipboard account for free and get it all in one place.

6. Master a New Subject With Kahn Academy

By creating an account on Kahn Academy you can gain access to a wide variety of courses that cover specific subjects. When looking for educational apps, you should find that few give you same the same quality and capabilities as this one. Using videos and written presentations you can learn new concepts that relate to the courses you are interested in. The course utilizes real instructors who you can contact with questions about the material. Kahn Academy can be a great tool to help refine your skills in a certain area in preparation for a test. It can also be used to learn subjects that you may have forgotten or weren’t able to take in school. With all the subjects available on the app, there should be something to interest just about anyone.

7. Solve Problems Correctly With Photomath

One of the coolest and most useful tools to add to your math toolbox, Photomath can give you some extra guidance on how to solve problems correctly. All you have to do is take a picture of the math problem with your phone and photomath will break it down into steps that lead to the solution. Perfect for helping with algebra concepts, this is one app that math students shouldn’t miss out on.

Final Overview

Getting smarter can be a simple matter of putting some effort into learning new things. Many people spend large amounts of time on their phones and by adding educational apps into their routine they can make much better use of the time. Next time you feel the urge to scroll through social media or play a game, why not take the opportunity to explore an educational app? Chances are you’ll be glad you did.

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