30 Futuristic Phones We Wish Were Real

30 Futuristic Phones We Wish Were Real

The cell phone industry is constantly growing and expanding. When it comes to mobile phones, everyone wants new features. We want our phones to play better video, to use OLED screen technology, to charge wirelessly, along with many other tasks. The function of cell phones is always changing. We do not solely use mobile devices to make calls. We use them to keep track of our errands, to research online, to utilize social media and much more. The importance of phones is understated.

With growing technology, it is no surprise that our phones have the capability of looking more like the technology from a sci-fi movie. In this article, you will find out about some of the latest and most futuristic looking phone concepts that we wish were real.

What Makes a Phone of the Future?

From these concepts, there is one feature that many of them share. That feature is their flexibility. The futuristic phones can bend into different shapes, be worn as bracelets or folded to stay out of sight.

Many of them use with multi-layer polymer, to allow it to change and keep shape. In order to be flexible, they have to have liquid batteries and internal components that you can shape and move. The NEC’s Tag, for instance, is a rubber phone that memorizes any shape you want it be.

Futuristic phones are multi-media devices. You not only can explore the internet, play high-quality video or listen to music with them, but you some are even medical devices that check on the health of the user. The Relexer has a thermometer to wrap around your wrist.

As most of us know, being eco-friendly is the way of the future. With the use of nanotechnology, many of these concept phones move away from the traditional charging method. There are ways to charge phones without the standard battery or charging station. Some of these phones utilize solar and light energy.

Futuristic phones not only have advanced technology with new features, but they also tend to be more convenient. You can change their size, shape without any added bulkiness.

The Top 30 Futuristic Phones

Manufacturers come up with concept phones all of the time. These often use the latest explorations in technology and create an idea of what is possible. Of course, when it comes to concept phones, not every phone comes into fruition. However, the very nature of concept phones helps us to see what is possible and what phone companies are working on.

Here are the top 30 picks for futuristic concept phones:

Motorolla Piccolo Concept
Kyocera’s Flexible, Folding Phone
LG Traveler Concept Phone
Multimedia Concept Phone
The Kambala Ear Phone
Escape Intuit
LG Flutter Concept
NEC’s Tag
Mobile Script
Motorola Sparrow
LG Helix Bracelet
Bracelet Phone
Blue Bee Phone
Nokia 888
Nokia Morph
LG Folding Phone
BenQ Siemens
23.LG Exo
Philips Fluid Flexible Concept
Nokia Kinetic
Mooon Concept Phone
Glass Phone

All of these phones contain a wide variety of interesting features. While some retain the traditional shape of a smartphone, many toy with the idea of new shapes and materials, not to mention customizable phones that you can shape how you want.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see some of the more creative options on the market any time soon, they are still noteworthy. Mobile phone technology has come a long way and the future is full of creative, unique options. Whether you want a device that you can wear like a bracelet, a miniature laptop or a phone that changes colors, the technology exists to make it happen. With OLED screen technology, phones of the future have clear video and outstanding media capabilities.

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