2020 Acura MDX Deals

2020 Acura MDX Deals

The 2020 Acura MDX returns, joining the ranks as part of the car maker's third MDX generation introduced back in 2014 .This spacious three-row SUV comes with all the features that have made it one of Acura's most popular models in recent years, from smooth-handling and response V6 engine to its array of interior safety and entertainment aspects including multiple USB ports. This car is already considered to be among the most affordable luxury SUVs on the market and offers a great range of features for the money. That said, it's of course always worth looking into deals and incentives where possible to ensure you get the best deal.

In celebration of education, Acura joins the ranks of many other car companies in offering an incentive program to recent college graduates. Proof of graduation is required, and up to $500 is offered toward any new Acura vehicle. Both lease and finance options are available through Acura Financial Services. Eligible graduates will be those who have earned a degree (masters, bachelors or associates) from a U.S. accredited college, university or registered nursing school. Those who are leasing or financing their new MDX may also be required to demonstrate good credit history and proof of employment or offer of employment (with a start date of no more than 120 days out from the start of the lease or financing agreement).

Members of the U.S. military are also eligible for even more savings on a 2020 MDX, with Acura's Military Program incentive offer. This program advertises up to $750 toward any new leased or financed Acura model (2019 or newer, so the new 2020 MDX is eligible). This offer is available to customers who are Active Duty U.S. Military and reserves, as well as their spouses (proof of marriage is required). Veterans within one year of their separation of service and retirees in good standing are also eligible for this incentive. Proof of military status and / or a leave and earnings statement is required in order to receive approval. This offer may be able to be combined with other financing or lease offers at certain Acura dealerships.

For non-military members and college students, financing a new 2020 MDX is actually more in reach than most of its luxury SUV competitors. For buyers who have qualifying credit scores, Acura is currently offering a special financing program with a set 0.9% APR for between 24 and 60 months (60 months is the maximum). Additionally, only 10% down is due at signing, which is a steal in comparison to most financing offers with low APRs like this. That said, the terms of this financing deal may vary slightly depending on which dealership the vehicle is purchased from.

For those interested in leasing a new MDX instead of purchasing, it's worth noting that Acura offers a fairly reasonable lease program. As advertised on Acura's website, they are currently offering a $409 per month with $0 due down at signing lease contract on the MDX (based on credit approval), with the option to purchase following the initial portion of the lease. Now, the exact price may vary depending on the specific Acura dealership and its location, but this price is fairly reasonable when considering the fact that most luxury SUVs are leased for a lot more per month. 

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