2019 Ford Fiesta

2019 Ford Fiesta

For those that love compact cars and that want something that is going to be fuel efficient, great for travel, and an all-around sporty car, the 2019 Ford Fiesta is a wonderful option. The Ford Fiesta is one of the most petite cars in the Ford family alongside the Focus. Improving over the 2018 version, the new Fiesta offers more entertainment features, more extras as far as premium options, and more colors as well. If you are looking on the auto market for a fun new compact, read on to learn more about the 2019 Ford Fiesta.

The fiesta offers a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine so it is a very small engine but it is also a small car so this is more than enough power to get this little car moving. It also offers 120 horsepower and an optional six speed automatic transmission as well as a manual for those that prefer a stick shift. In tests it took 9.1 seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph making it a great sporty little car. 2019 is the last year that the Ford Fiesta is going to be manufactured and sold in North America so those drivers that want to get them should jump on it now. The Fiesta is a compact car so if you are a commuter or a city driver or just want a small car for your teenager or yourself, this is a great option.

It does come in a few different trim levels with four different trim levels and five different configurations. The first is the trim S that offers a standard engine, a standard front wheel drive and three colors to choose from. This is the very base model and costs $14,260 to start. The next trim level is the SE that offers the same engine but a few different colors to choose from as well as a hatchback or a sedan configuration. This model seats five people. The starting price of an SE is $15,790. The next level is the ST Line which offers some extras like premium stereo and more color options. The starting cost for this model is $17,625. The last model is the ST Hatchback, which is the the top of the line as far as the Fiesta. This offers premium stereo, leather seats, a range of colors, as well as a manual transmission.

All of these trim levels are great for those that are looking for variety when it comes to the fiesta and this type of small car. You can opt for the automatic transmission or the manual for most models except for the base S model. The average cost of a 2019 Ford Fiesta is around $15,000 making this a great little car for those that are looking for value and for a great car as well. If you are looking for deals it is always best to check with your local dealership, but here are a few widely available offers on the new Fiesta.

Ford is currently offering 0% APR for 60 months as well as $2,500 cash back at Ford dealerships. They are also offering $199 per month leasing for 36 months with $1509 cash due at signing. For those that are military or first responders, you can also get $500 bonus cash with valid identification. Lastly, for those that are college students you can enter the college student purchase program and get $500 cash back.

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